Season 1

Space Cadets Radio presents the first episode of Season 1, Freighter 601 with a new opening scene! Enjoy the rerelease of the season that started it all.


Blackpool Premieres September 13th, 2019

The Marshall tries to save a family taken hostage by a murderous pirate clan at the Blackpool Ranch in Smith’s Pointe.


Season 2 Premieres
October 24th, 2019

It's been over a year since the Space Cadets mission was lost. As they stagger their way back to the fringes of civilization, Captain Alaborap resurfaces in the Outer Rim Territories to spark a pirate rebellion against the ISF military. On a mission to save an old friend, the Cadets find themselves in the infamous space pirate's crosshairs once again!


Launching Fall 2019

We have developed this universe through stories and characters we’d like to share with you. The next adventure into our universe starts with an updated Compendium with new characters and artwork. Plus, a leap into outer space itself —

A (not at all) live podcast from the creators of Space Cadets Radio, Brent Winzek and Jordan Stine! Tune in as they orbit around the planet Zebulon 5 in the satellite Old Hank, interviewing guests, and chatting about the series. You’ll be able to listen to Live! From Zebulon 5 on our website and your favorite podcast app.

The Space Cadets Universe

Space Cadets Radio started as a no-budget video series in June of 2005 when a group of friends from theatre club – including Chris Shendge and Nate Fessler – put on costumes and stepped in front of the camera at the direction of Brent Winzek. Filmed in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA, the improvised spoof developed with the group from 2005 to 2009, generating three seasons of videos and homemade merchandise.

After his friends went their separate ways for college, Brent continued writing a more deliberate story in screenplay format and, in May of 2011, co-writer Jordan Stine came aboard. They have since developed the universe through stories, characters and artwork, all of which we’ve compiled in the Space Cadets Compendium as an expansion to this radio drama.

Reviews of the Series

Amazing story!
— KGarcy, Apple Podcasts
...at the edge of your seat.
— DocGeek42, Stitcher
Crazy Sound Design
— Brathbone, Apple Podcasts
Follow this podcast
— Kevinknight11, Sticher
Hope there’s more coming!
— JSenie, Apple Podcasts
Super Immersive
— jasmine3221, Apple Podcasts


This world is informed by history and its tendency to repeat trends in art, culture, and politics. Set far enough into the future to give it a sense of marvel, Space Cadets is grounded in Earth’s history. The ISF represents the lavishness of Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Europe, while the Outer Rim and its relation to the ISF represent the English colonies and American frontier.

Looking Ahead

The creative team has already proposed short, one-episode adventures for some of the ancillary characters, and two fully-outlined sequels: Space Cadets and the Pirates of the Outer Rim – where the Cadets find themselves thwarting a pirate rebellion lead by Alaborap – and Space Cadets and the Call of Zaremoth – where the Cadets find themselves teaming up with Alaborap and the pirates in order to prevent the Candolite Order from overthrowing the Interplanetary Space Federation.